Words and Music by Vince Peterson


When is it over?
When is it done?
Can somebody find me a way out?
Thought that I loved you.
Thought that you cared.
Thought you were the only one.

I've gotta let you know
about the way that I'm feeling inside.
I've never felt a feeling so strong
that I could not hide.

I gotta tell you now
there's no more life in this thing we got.
So, darling, tell me how...
cause I'm through sitting 'round and
wasting my time!

When is it over...

The time is coming around
when you will finally understand
This thing is over my love.
There is nothing and no one to lend a hand.

Can't be no hope for us now,
except the hope you'd admit it too.
So, darling, tell me how
did this thing turn out some other way than we planned?

When is it over...