1. Everyday Thing

Composed for Katie Zaffrann
Recorded on the album, "Fly Woman Genius" by Katie Zaffrann


Music and Lyrics by Vince Peterson

It's an everyday thing
It's living to sing
when there's nothing else to do.

It's an everyday run,
and the time has begun
for you to think about you.

It's loving time.
It's "caring" free.
It's refusing to be someone else who you're not
just so others can see.

This time is for me.

It's a moment of rush.
Fresh new paint, hand with brush,
and I need to create.

It's the feeling inspired,
never spent, never tired
of the speed or the rate.

It's giving all.
It's holding on.
It's the wind in your face or a walk in the rain,
then the moment is gone.

But all I know is it's where I need to be, and
this time is for me!

It's not for anyone else.
No one has to exist.
I don't have to answer the calls of their voices
while my voice is missed.

Sooner or later, they'll all understand
that the only commands I obey come from my very own hand.
It's the same hand that lifted me up
and gave me these wings.

How else could I sing?
How else could I bring what I bring when I sing?

It's a real, true, personal everyday thing.