The Musician's Credo

Those of you who have worked with me for a reasonable amount of time know that I developed an exercise some time ago which is aimed at having a musician profess and assert the meaning of their personal call to…

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A White Flag for Tonality in Choral Music Compositions

Three New York Diplomats: 1950-1965 - William Bergsma, Vincent Persichetti, and Norman Dello Joio


The concert music landscape in New York City in the 1950s was an increasingly divided one. The rejection of key signatures and traditional tonal syntax…

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A Response to "Accessibility Is A Dead End"

Today, I'm sharing a response I wrote to a blog article posted some years ago by a Canadian composer named Aaron Gervais. I've often talked about this article because I believe that it's at the heart of what is happening…

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Gratitude: Conrad Susa

Today would have been the 85th Birthday of my teacher and mentor, Conrad. Since this day of the week is a significant one to me and one that is rooted in gratitude, I'd like to say a little more about…

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A Big Fat Seal on a Rock

A dear friend once described being in the music business to me using this analogy. 
The person in the music business is a big fat seal on a rock, happily basking in the sun. Sometimes they can stay in…

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This is 38.

This is 38. It's been an... interesting... 37th year. I must say though that I am deeply content and grateful for my life. 
Here are my truths today: 

  • There are no substitutes for full love and unexpectant generosity. They are…
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A Choir is Not A Machine

I wrote this program note for Choral Chameleon's "Deus Ex Machina" concert, but it reflects something much broader which I consider to be true in choral music making: 

I have felt what I am about to write for years. I…

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